On the day known as Mother’s Day, my true love gave to me…

…a little garden for my green beans!

We have come to take over this garden.  Resistance is futile.
We have come to take over this garden. Resistance is futile.

Haus Meister extended Phase 1 of our garden to include the bean patch, tilling up the ground with a pitchfork and then layering the dirt.  Rascal loved helping with the entire process.  Trooper and Dinosaur supervised the proceedings.  The beans and cukes were planted just in time for an unexpected evening rainshower, so the next day we scrambled around poking seeds back into the soil that had floated up during the rain.  Happily, the beans seem to have taken to the garden.  Rascal and I counted 11 sprouts today.

Our wee bit of garden
Our wee bit of garden

The large bush at the top right is actually a magnolia.  I was told when we bough the house that it was a Japanese Magnolia; a pretty general description, I find, after looking through several pages getting a link for this page.  I’m wondering whether it is actually a Rustica Rubra Magnolia…. hmmm….

Back to the garden.  The tomato plants did very well considering that between the planting of Phases 1 & 2 there were almost two weeks of rainy days.  The plant on the left had some wilting leaves at its base, but the one far on the right is just fine.  It has ten tomatoes and counting.  The middle–the purple/brown tomato variety–has three tomatoes and counting.  I thought there would be a tomato on the left plant but nothing came of it.  Happily, it is still blooming.

My bell peppers I sowed before the rains aren’t doing much…unless they migrated around the garden owing to the combined efforts of rain and a Rascal with an excavator, in which case, I weeded them.  Tonight during our grocery expedition I found two pepper plants and intend to plant them this weekend if the weather permits.

Anyway, we’re really proud of our attempt at gardening.  I’m sure my dad is making plans to avoid coming down during the green bean harvest. 😉  But I know he’ll like the tomatoes.  Indeed, I am running low on tomato sauce and wish those lovely little green balls were just a bit closer to perfection.  Ah well, I need some more patience.

In closing, Haus Meister also put in this little garden for Princess.  I’m sure she’ll one day dictate what goes in her “bit of earth.”  In the meantime, we tried to transplant some monkey grass and lily of the valley from a forgotten corner of the yard.  I don’t know how well it was going to take in the first place, but the next day I found it had all been uprooted again because Rascal was looking for worms (!).

Her little "bit of earth."
Her little "bit of earth."

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