A sound I’ve come to dread….

Ok, that title was melodramatic but catchy, I think. 😉 Rather, it should be something like “A sound with which I have a love-hate relationship,” but that’s a little long.

Anyway, the sound is that of Dinosaur yelling “BOOM!” I love it because he’s cute and it sounds cute. I dread it because it usually means he’s at the flash card box again, and he’s throwing them in the air with glee and abandon, shouting “BOOM!” with each throw. Of course, he sometimes does this toward the end of the day when the room is on its way toward tidiness. Think 102-card pick-up.

And of course upon gentle rebuke he turns to me, grinning ear-to-ear, as if to say, “but how can you resist my charm?”

It’s hard. 😉


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