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The “Dogwood Winter” passed and the weather has been beautiful ever since. This has its drawbacks as we make the valiant push to finish as much of the school year before Littlest makes her appearance. The “we” is questionable. I would love to be done right nowThey would just like to be outside. ;)


No chance of getting the family together for a group picture, but I did get my girlies before they changed into their play clothes.

photo 1

As usual my mother-in-law was a wizard with her sewing machine. Here’s Princess in her new Easter dress (as mentioned in an earlier post, the Oliver & S Garden Party dress, made with Sarah Jane Wee Wander fabric). Using an Oliver & S sewing book, Grandma also made a doll dress, and then a purse for Princess. The purse is adorably constructed from a panel of the Wee Wander line, which I will have to get a picture of later because it is just that cute.  Grandma actually made four of these dresses, two for my girls and two for my nieces on that side of the family, and then three matching doll dresses for my three “bigger” girlies.

Miss M wore the dress Grandma made for Princess last year, and there was enough of that fabric left in stash for a matching dress for Dolly, that Dolly did wear until the way home from church, obviously. ;)

photo 3

Sunshine’s dress was a favorite.

photo 4

Posey Pie wore the smocked pinafore and green dress that Grandma made for Princess when she was 1, and lent it much distinction. The boys, as you see, were already less formal by the time we got home. I tried to get Dino to wear a tie but it was enough for him to wear the white dress shirt with black slacks. “If I wear a tie,” he informs me, “I’ll be a prince! But I’m not! I’m a hobbit!” Working on this, working on this. Rascal served Mass so he didn’t wear the tie either. Trooper might have but I need to get one in a better size for my tall boy. Ah well, like I said, working on this.


photo 2

The dry sink in the foyer, Holy Saturday night (hence poor lighting).

On a side note, I have absolutely fallen in love with these icons. I never would have thought it of me, but it’s true.


photo 1

The kitchen table, Holy Saturday night. Rascal and Dino set this up before going to bed. Earlier in the day the three “middles”– Rascal, Dino, and Princess, spent some time coloring this craft from Lacy’s page at CatholicIcing.com. What amused me was their enthusiasm for filling the tableau with frightened Roman soldiers. It’s in keeping with our family rosary, when we announce the first Glorious Mystery, and Dino pipes up: “It’s the Resurrection, when Jesus rises from the dead and scares the Romans.”


photo 5

Lamb Cake Success!!! I used the recipes mentioned in this post–the last time I had a success–and tweaked the icing a bit. I used powdered sugar instead of granulated, warmed it slightly in a double boiler, then transferred it all to my trusty kitchenaid and let it do the whisking. Result shown above. Everyone enjoyed it, and also enjoyed Sunshine’s comment when she saw it: “Oh, I see the puppy!”

My Easter sheep-dog cake?


And here’s where I finally get to the YarnAlong…

photo 3

The longest row–row 13 of Clue 4B of the Follow-Your-Arrow shawl. Now that row is not hard, or longer than any other. It has just taken me two weeks to finish it! Now I’m on the purl row (14) before the next lace row (15). I am determined to finish this project before taking up another because I am afraid I won’t finish it otherwise. My next project is in potential right there on the right. I chose these three from my Easter yarn to be the blanket for Littlest. Cushy bulky cotton yarn–I can hardly wait to use it. You may think they’re funny colors for a baby girl, but I have an idea from a book on how they’ll fit in to the girliness around here. Stay tuned.

As for reading, P.G. Wodehouse’s Tales from St. Austin’s and then this excellent book pictured above that I was so glad to receive at the end of Holy Week! Huzzah!


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V is for Victory

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Image courtesy of Catholicvote.org

A victory in the battle over sin and death.

Today we remember the day He died for all of us.

The day He bore such suffering as none of us, even the bravest, could have stood.

I’m going to repeat a quote from C.S. Lewis that I like to recall on this day. Each of us has a choice when faced with the Man on the Cross. We can either stand with the skeptics, the tongue waggers, and ask why He doesn’t just save Himself–and us–and just get off the thing, or, we can stand in the humility of the centurion, and proclaim Him for Who He Is.

A man who was merely a man and said the sort of things Jesus said would not be a great moral teacher. He would either be a lunatic — on a level with the man who says he is a poached egg — or else he would be the Devil of Hell.

You must make your choice.

Either this man was, and is, the Son of God or else a madman or something worse. You can shut Him up for a fool, you can spit at Him and kill Him as a demon; or you can fall at His feet and call Him Lord and God.

But let us not come with any patronizing nonsense about His being a great human teacher. He has not left that open to us. He did not intend to.” –Mere Christianity, C.S. Lewis

Holy Thursday

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Godhead here in hiding, whom I do adore,
Masked by these bare shadows, shape and nothing more,
See, Lord, at thy service low lies here a heart
Lost, all lost in wonder at the God thou art.

Seeing, touching, tasting are in thee deceived:
How says trusty hearing? that shall be believed;
What God’s Son has told me, take for truth I do;
Truth himself speaks truly or there’s nothing true.

On the cross thy godhead made no sign to men,
Here thy very manhood steals from human ken:
Both are my confession, both are my belief,
And I pray the prayer of the dying thief.


Yarn Along on Spy Wednesday

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Back to the Follow-Your-Arrow Shawl. I stopped at row 12, Clue 4B, which fortunately was a purl row and should have launched me into the project smoothly had I not had to repair some unravelling damage thanks to my dear Sunshine, who had found my project bag again. Having recently begun to carry a purse again instead of just a pocketbook, I forget the irresistible attraction purses have to any kind of pilferer–preschoolers included. ;) So much for reminding myself to lock my WIPs into the yarn cabinet.


And my resolve to refrain from reading any new books in Lent flew out the window with the arrival of the first “new” Wodehouse since Christmas. It came earlier than I expected, and I was going to be a good girl and keep it for later, but I have my weaknesses and I admit I didn’t resist opening that first page… ;)

Other reading includes this absolutely excellent must-read post about “Destruction Proofing your Family” and this series.

Speaking of Lent, if you’re curious why I call today “Spy Wednesday,” it has to do with an old tradition that the Wednesday before Good Friday is the day Judas Iscariot made the fateful betrayal bargain, and then, as the Bible tells us, “And from that time he sought opportunity to betray him.” Hence, “Spy.”

In other news: This weather bulletin. Suffice to say my budding pots of blueberry bushes are in the garage for the nonce. And my lavender. C’mon weather–it’s APRIL IN THE SOUTH! My Southern born mother-in-law reminded me that in these parts it’s known as “Dogwood Winter.” There’s also the possibility of “Blackberry Winter” in a few weeks. I might not actually plant those bushes into the ground until, I don’t know….July?


Palm Sunday

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photo 2 (14)

I should have posted this yesterday but then I wouldn’t have the adorable picture to put on the post. Lacy over at Catholic Icing made a great post about “10 things to do with your palms from Palm Sunday.”  I did the paper-spring project during Mass out of sheer necessity to keep the kiddos from using their palms as swords. I wove two wreaths and one long spring. Of course, if I hadn’t been a softie and allowed the zealous lady passing out the palms to give one to each and every one of my children, I wouldn’t have had the palm “fencing” in the pews.

(Lady passing out palms does not, by the way, think I will make it to my due date and also that I’m carrying low, hence a boy. Really, this is getting amusing. I should start taking bets).

Pregnancy Observation

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No, I’m not going to launch into detail about how I’m feeling/how I look/what the midwife said at the last appointment. HA! I just admitted to using a midwife this time around. Cue Jim Gaffigan: “There was also a midwife there, because we believe in witchcraft.” Oh that made me laugh. And, no, we really don’t believe in witchcraft. It was just that I was already 11 weeks when I went to the OB office to have the first look at Littlest. My regular doc had switched practices between Posey’s birth and this first visit, and as much as I liked him, that was the third time he switched in almost as many years, and I had grown fond of the folks in the current office. So I stayed, and the midwife who works closely with the docs there was available. No, I’m not doing a homebirth, a hypnobirth, or a hydrobirth. In fact, I’m more than likely still going to beg for my epidural the moment I set foot in the hospital door.

All this rambling to say, here’s a sampling of observations I’ve been receiving from people now that I definitely stick out past watermelon stage.

WELL MEANING RELATIVE: (Back in February!) You’ve dropped already?!

LADY AT RECYCLING CENTER: (In March) You’re carryin’ high. I always carried my gals high.

LADY AT CONSIGNMENT SALE: (today) You’re carrying low. It’s a boy, right?

OUR MAIL-LADY: (seeing me two weeks ago) And you’re due in MAY? You’re so tiny!

(I love her forever)

LADY AT CHURCH: (three days after maillady) You sure you don’t have two in there?

Today I also had help putting a new toddler bed into the van from the significant other of one of the consignment sale workers. Seeing the sheer number of carseats and boosters in our van (it does add up), he asked me “just how many little ‘uns do y’all haul in this thing?” I simply told him “8″ because it’ll be that soon enough. He stood there aghast for a second, then told me “y’all need to get yerselves some cable tv.”

Wow–I finally got the TV one! Usually it’s the “hands-full” one or “So do you watch the Duggars” (No, because we don’t have cable, and also why do we want to watch reality tv about a large family when we live in a large family)? Someone once wrote a great zinger of a response to these kind of comments, including the TV one, but I couldn’t remember who, sadly, because I loved their response to the TV comment. In the end it’s probably best, because by the time I called it to mind he had already gone on to list how many siblings and cousins his past family members had (his grandma had 8 kids) and how they rented a community center to bring the clan together for Thanksgiving. Kind of hard to zing a person who gives you a good tip like that, even if I could zing someone. Which would definitely depend on the hormone level. But I said I wasn’t going to talk about that, so I’m off.



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